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Personalized Gifts for the Closest People in Your Life


Why is it always so hard to think of the perfect present for the people you’re closest to? Finding the most “them” gift is no easy feat, especially when it’s supposed to represent how much you care for this person—or that you at least listen to what they want for the holidays.

Personalized gifts, though, are hands-down the best route for the core people in your life. How can you go wrong when the entire present is a memory in itself? (That will in turn make even more memories for y’all to celebrate later on.)

CVS has quite literally hundreds of personalized gifts at wallet-friendly prices—ranging from mugs to puzzles to even last-minute customized holiday cards—where you can showcase and preserve all your favorite photos and memories with this special someone.

Not only are photo gifts super sentimental and personalized to each of your life VIPs (and you!), they’re also guaranteed not to become another toss-in-their-closet item that eventually makes the regift pile in a decade. They’ll always find a reason to hold onto these gifts, especially as time passes and they have more reason to cherish these old photos.

To give you a head start on holiday shopping, we rounded up six easy-to-make, personalized gifts from CVS—with 50 percent off savings from Nov. 19 to Dec. 16 using code 50THANKS!—that will earn you serious bragging points for your gift-giving skills for years to come.

Shop Personalized Gifts for Your Close Friends

Bamboo Ornament

Ornaments on their own are already such a solid gift. Who knew it took so long to build your own collection? So, help your bestie (or mom or grandma) grow their collection with a sentimental photo or memory they can hang on their tree for all the holiday seasons to come.

Wooden Calendar

Whether it’s for their work desk, kitchen, or even bedside, everyone needs a calendar to keep up with work deadlines, personal plans, and birthdays or anniversaries. The best part is you can design this photo calendar so they get to plan their days, weeks, and months looking at their most important people (aka the ones who make all the chaos worth it).


If you were a kid and saw a puzzle with your own face on it, you’d probably freak out (in the best way). And, adults aren’t much different. Grab a photo of their pets or maybe even a full family moment for a two-in-one gift that they can hang up once the puzzle is completed.

Wall Art

Stylish-but-personal home design is always on the holiday wishlist—so this year make your giftee’s home decor dreams come to life. Because honestly, who doesn’t love a gallery wall? A floating frame is the ideal add-in (so maybe snag a couple, since they’re on sale) or stand-alone if they have a random spot in their office or bedroom to fill, too.

Add even more photos to the gallery wall mix with a canvas, which allows you to mix and match images and create a custom, cohesive design, as well as a repositionable poster for even more square-footage of cute, wall-worthy photos.


Make their morning coffee something to look forward to (even more than they already do) with a personalized mug that will make them smile every time they go to brew their cup of joe. Throw on a funny inside joke or inspiring quote as well to really kickstart their day.


If your person loves to snuggle up on the couch with a book or an episode of reality TV, odds are they could use another blanket in the rotation. From woven ones to fleece and sherpa options (hello cozy town!), you can print whatever—literally whatever!—you want onto their new favorite movie-watching or book-reading blanket.


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