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Why This Collagen Powder Inspires Repeat Purchase


Let’s begin with the namesake ingredient: Collagen supplements contain collagen peptides, a broken-down version of the protein that the body uses for a myriad of things, from supporting skin firmness to supporting joint comfort.*

(We’ve written pretty extensively about how collagen supplements work, so I’ll invite you to acquaint yourself with that information if you’ve not yet. Additionally, there’s been loads of research on the topic, including this systematic review and meta-analysis1, which looked at skin aging in particular.) 

And while other formulas consider that sufficient, we go beyond by adding seven other active ingredients to further support the skin, gut, and full-body health.* I consider vitamins C and E to be the most notable as the antioxidants play a huge role in collagen production.* Vitamin C is a vital part of the collagen synthesis process2 and keeps collagen from cross-linking (which makes it brittle), while vitamin E helps “recharge” vitamin C during this process.* And since they’re antioxidants, they both have the ability to neutralize free radicals.* 

In addition to those, the formula contains essential B vitamin biotin, hyaluronic acid for hydration support, the gut-centric amino acid L-glutamine, and turmeric and sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS) to help combat oxidative stress.*   

It’s no wonder we’ve amassed a dedicated following for this top seller. “I have been a fan of collagen for a few years, but this one’s way more elevated than all other brands on the market. Unlike many other unflavored collagens, it truly has no taste. It’s quickly become part of my routine, so luckily there is a monthly subscription option!” says verified buyer Jenna D.

She’s not the only one, as verified buyer Joan S. says, “[I] love it—I’m on my third round and couldn’t be happier.” 


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