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Outdoor Training : Bodyweight Routine

Spring is here! This year we have prepared a good outdoor training for you. No equipment, no gym, but plenty of sun, fun, and exercise for all fitness levels. So, put on your workout clothes, grab a serving of our Workout Aminos, get outside and put your muscles to work!

Why sign up for our outdoor training

The temperatures are rising, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and we are all in a better mood. To make the most of the good spring weather and get out of the routine a bit, it is best to go outside to train. Why? Well, here are some good reasons.

To begin with, the truth is that we usually spend a lot of time indoors, at work or in the gym. A little workout in the park helps you rest from the stress of everyday life and it serves to change the environment. Also, the fresh air can counteract fatigue and provides oxygen to your muscles. It is, therefore, the perfect way to do something for your physical and mental well-being.

We advise you above all to make a functional training, that is to say, that it includes exercises and complex movements that make the whole body work. In this way, your muscles learn to work together and your general range of motion improves. In addition, doing this type of training, the muscles of the abdomen will be working all the time and you will burn many more calories.

On the other hand, training outdoors can also help you improve the full attention. When we train in nature, we are more aware of the environment, we experience it with all our senses and focus our attention on ourselves and the exercises we are doing.

Reading tip: When you exercise outside in the sun, your body produces vitamin D, which helps maintain normal muscle function, among other things. If you want to discover more benefits of vitamin D, read our article Vitamin D: foods, benefits and deficit.

Our outdoor training: what it consists of

Now that you know all the benefits of training outdoors, it’s time for you to get down to work. Remember that the routine that we present in this article not only helps you burn calories, but also to gain muscle. You can choose to do the exercises in the park or anywhere else you choose. You just need your own body weight and know how far you can go!

Exercise Duration Pause
jump squats 40 sec 20 sec
burpees 40 sec 20 sec
good morning 40 sec 20 sec
step-up 40 sec 20 sec
Iron 40 sec 20 sec

The routine that we present to you is perfect both for beginners as well as for more advanced athletes. In the description of each exercise we tell you how you can increase the difficulty. You can too do more rounds. For example, if you are a beginner, you can start with 3 rounds, and if you are more experienced, you can do 4 or 5 depending on how advanced you are. Professionals can easily go up to 6.

Important: If you exercise outdoors, remember to bring a bottle of water or our Energy Aminos, to provide your body with both the liquid it needs and an extra portion of energy. Dress in comfortable clothes that are suitable for the weather.

Before each workout, do not forget to heat for at least 10 minutes. You can start your warm-up by running to the nearest park for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, we recommend that you do mobility exercises.

You can discover the best exercises to warm up in our article Warm-up: how to warm up correctly in the gym and at home.

Do you want to start now? Have fun!

1.Jump Squatscise and work several muscles at once. They mainly serve to train the front part of the thighs and the buttocks.

Muscles: buttocks, thighs

Simple variant: Skip the jump and opt for air squats instead.

Demanding variant: Jump higher and increase the pace

To consider: Gently bounce off your knees and ankles and, upon landing, smoothly transition into the next squat.

2.Burpees se the entire body and the cardiovascular system.

Muscles: whole body

Simple variant: Skip the jump. Take a step back to get into a plank position and, in the same way, return to standing.

Demanding variant: Once in a plank position, perform a push-up.

To consider: The body remains straight and parallel to the ground in the plank position.

3.good morning gs and lower back

Demanding variant: Do standing balance on one leg instead of the classic good mornings.

To consider: The back remains straight. Start the movement by pushing your hips back.


Find something that is elevated and stable, like a small curb or tree stump. Step your right leg onto the riser so that your foot is firm and stable on it. Push up from your heel, pulling your left leg toward your chest. The right arm swings with you. Carefully lower your left leg to the ground and repeat this movement on the other side.

Muscles: buttocks, leg muscles

Simple variant: The lower the elevation, the easier the exercise will be.

Demanding variant: Look for a bank that is somewhat higher than normal.

To consider: When going up, try to take the power of the front leg instead of helping it with the back leg.


Muscles: trunk muscles

Simple variant: Put your knees on the ground.

Demanding variant: Try doing a military plank. Start in plank position. Place the palm of your left hand on the floor and extend your arm. Repeat the process with your right palm. You are now in a high plank position. Once here, rest on your forearms again.

To consider: The body forms a straight line and your gaze is directed towards the ground.

When you finish all the rounds, don’t forget to do some exercises of cooling and have a serving of our Recovery Aminos. To warm up, on the other hand, you can do a little running and do some stretching exercises.

Training completed, congratulations!

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