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HydraFacial 101: Benefits, Cost, & What To Expect, From Experts


I arrived to JTAV Clinical Skincare wearing nothing on my skin but SPF. Once I was on the treatment bed, my esthetician started with a cleanser to remove the sunscreen and any possible buildup on my face. 

My eyes were closed and covered with little papers to protect them from any flying ingredients, because nobody needs salicylic acid in their eyes. 

After that, it was time for the treatment. She whipped out the high-tech HydraFacial set up, complete with the active tip that would soon buff away my dead skin, along with the viles of exfoliating and hydrating boosters. 

Then, the action started. I felt the pen touch my face with a sensation that can only be described as a mini vacuum cleaner sucking out all the gunk on my skin. It did not hurt in the slightest. In fact, I kind of enjoyed the suction-like feeling. 

After the exfoliation meets extraction meets hydration part was over, I sat under the red and blue LED light for about 10 minutes.

At the end, my esthetician applied a hydrating serum, gel-like moisturizer, and sunscreen to my skin to protect my complexion on the journey back home. 

My HydraFacial took about 45 minutes in total. It was super quick, surprisingly relaxing, and quite exciting because I knew my skin was going to be at it’s best for the upcoming weekend—and it was.


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